Real Estate Vendor Profile: Osceola Abstract & Title Company

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At Royal Investment Properties, we value our vendor relationships. We look far and wide to find the best of the best.

One of our favorite vendors is Osceola Abstract and Title Company, based in Missouri.

If we are closing on land in MO, we are always recommending them as our title company in Missouri.

About Osceola Abstract & Title Company

Established in 1871, Osceola provides complete real estate title insurance and closing services for refinances and sales.

The company holds a license in the State of Missouri and serves the Missouri counties of St. Clair, Cedar, Dade, Vernon, Jasper and Lawrence.

On every order, the company’s goal is to complete its work accurately and quickly.

How Osceola Helps Royal Investment Properties

There are several reasons Royal Investment Properties enjoys working with Osceola, and brings them into almost every deal they do, including:

• Speed.  Clearing titles can sometimes be a detail-heavy and labor-intensive process. With Osceola on board, Royal Investment Properties consistently completes the job as efficiently as anyone else.

• Quality. We have never encountered a title issue during or after a deal with Osceola on its team. They’re fast, and they get it right every time.

• Communication. With Osceola’s help, we can communicate with all parties so everyone knows where things stand and what’s coming next. Paperwork is finished and sent well ahead of time. Closings also can be held wherever and whenever is most convenient for the parties involved.

How Sellers Benefit

With Osceola on its team, we can give sellers a faster, easier and more thorough closing process.

Royal Investment Properties buys raw land and then optimizes its value and usability. The company uses its significant experience and expertise to solve property owners’ real estate challenges and simplify the selling process.

If you’re considering the sale of your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss with us or you can also complete this form. We have your back.

Contact Daniel Earhart and Jay Thomason at 816-439-8156.

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