Real Estate Vendor Profile: Missouri Land Company

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As you may have read in our previous blog post, we care immensely about our vendor relationships.

When it comes to selling your property, there are a lot of moving pieces.

You can be confident that when it comes to comping land properly, understanding trends, knowing the intricacies of each area, or better understanding property features, we have selected the top vendors in the area to assist when necessary.

About Missouri Land Company

Missouri Land Company is a real estate brokerage with offices in Cole Camp and Rolla, Missouri. It was founded in 2013. Companies and individuals who work with them gain a better understanding of properties and land features.

By working with them, Royal Investment Properties can have a second set of eyes on properties they are considering purchasing. The company’s agents live, work, hunt and farm in Missouri, so it services customers throughout the state with experts in their local area.

How Missouri Land Company Helps Royal Investment Properties

There are several reasons Royal enjoys working with Missouri Land Company, and brings them into pretty much every deal they do, including:


They have access to real-time market data and trends, which Royal Investment Properties uses to supplement its own evaluations of various properties and best improve them for optimal use and value.


Missouri Land Company is available and accessible on demand, and proactive about keeping business moving forward. This is a key reason Royal can move deals from start to finish in as little time as one month.

Focus and Familiarity.

They specialize in Missouri farms and recreational properties, which dovetails perfectly with Royal Investment Properties’ deep knowledge and experience living and working in the state.

How Sellers Benefit

Simply put, it’s all about efficiency. Royal Investment Properties works with Missouri Land Company to ensure they can give sellers the best value the market will bear for their property and the most seamless closing process possible.

Royal Investment Properties buys raw land and then optimizes its value and usability. The company uses its significant experience and expertise to solve property owners’ real estate challenges and simplify the selling process. Contact Daniel Earhart and Jay Thomason at 816-439-8156.

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