How We Add Value to Vacant Land

Man at work to add value to a land

Most of the land we work with at Royal Investment Properties starts as vacant, undeveloped land. Some of it we leave that way, but some we improve its land value and make it better for recreational use, etc.

Every acre of land starts the same: as a blank slate. We all leave our mark, based on how we use a piece of land. Owners, however, have the most influence over what their property becomes over time.

It’s not easy work, but we love it!

If you see us out at a property in our bobcats, clearing some land, don’t hesitate to say hello! 🙂

Here are some ways we add value to vacant land:

Adding Infrastructure and Utilities

Land isn’t very useful without power, water, a sewer or wastewater system and the like. We will coordinate and pay for permits and anything else necessary (meters, etc.) to get utilities to the property.

Surveying and Subdividing

Believe it or not, establishing and clearly marking boundaries can make a difference in the value of a parcel. Then, if it’s a larger property, we often work with local zoning officials and other professionals to plan out how it should be used and/or how it could be divided so that more people have the opportunity to own and use the land. Most people can’t afford a big parcel, so the smaller parcels make it available to more people to own.

Installing Trails

We cut a trail around the outside perimeter on almost every property we work with. Depending on features and aesthetics, we also often add more trails inside the property. These add curb appeal and improve the overall accessibility of the property’s features so that they can be enjoyed.

General Mowing and Cleaning

Of course, land looks better and is more usable when seeing more of it. We’ll also remove debris, trash, tires, dilapidated buildings, and anything else that detracts from the overall appearance of a property.

Managing Wildlife

We’ll add food plots, add trails, create nesting locations, plant vegetation and/or anything else that encourages fish, birds and animals to use and thrive on the land.


Sometimes, a nice open area can add a lot of value to a property. We’ll take out trees (especially invasive species), and remove debris and/or anything else to create open spaces for people to enjoy. Plus, often trees need to be removed or cleared to add buildings, improvements, utilities or amenities.

Managing Timber

We’ll remove dead and/or dangerous trees, and clear out invasive species, so that the overall health of timber on the property is optimal.

At Royal Investment Properties, we want you to get the best possible deal from your land sale, and to enjoy a simple and stress-free sales process. Because we’ve lived in Kansas and Missouri all our lives, and we do all of this work ourselves, we appreciate how these activities add value and make you more profit. If there’s anything we can do to make your selling process easier, just let us know.

Royal Investment Properties buys raw land and then optimizes its value and usability. The company uses its significant experience and expertise to solve property owners’ real estate challenges and simplify the selling process.

If you’re considering the sale of your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss with us or you can also complete this form. You can also contact Daniel Earhart and Jay Thomason at 816-439-8156.

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