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At Royal Investment Properties, we want to be transparent in all aspects of the business and its processes, at all times. From providing an offer for the property, to signing the purchase agreement, until the closing process. We let every seller that we work with, know what’s happening – before, during and after the transaction takes place. Click here to know how a real estate deal gets done. Below pictures would also give you some information about a few real estate blogs and articles. 

The team also works with some of the reputable title companies in Kansas and Missouri. If you prefer to use your own title company during closing, we’d be happy to use them. Click here to learn more about one of the title companies that we have been using for the past years which is Osceola Abstract and Title Company.

Royal Investment Properties is not your typical real estate company. We are a business that values the history of every property.  Our team does not build houses on the properties that we acquire. We add value to vacant land by installing trails, adding infrastructure and utilities, just to name a few. Click here to learn more about how we add value to vacant land

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Below are just a few blogs and articles about different programs that restrict the use of your land, testimonials and reviews from our previous sellers, news and trends about Real Estate in Kansas and Missouri, etc. Click on each picture to learn more. If you have any other questions, feel free to call or text us at 816-439-8156.

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