Case Study: Lowell W.

land situation of Lowell

Lowell’s Selling Situation

Lowell purchased 14 acres of land near Clinton, Missouri in the 1980s. He’s always lived in Kansas City, so he used the land for years as a place to relax and enjoy nature on the weekends. However, his health deteriorated to the point it was difficult to go to the property. That’s his selling situation. In the spring of 2021, he decided to sell the land. This was Lowell’s selling situation when he met Daniel and Jay.

Selling the land was one thing – vacating it was another. Lowell had a cabin on the site, some vehicles, a tractor, a variety of knickknacks and a few other valuables. He needed to work with someone on the sale who could help him clean up and move everything he wanted to another place. He had no way of doing it all on his own.

How Royal Investment Properties Helped Lowell

Lowell contacted Royal after receiving a mailer. The team immediately met with Lowell. We got to know him and made plans to move the large and important items he still wanted. They hired a tow company and moved it all to his sister’s home about 30 miles away.

Lowell also felt deeply attached to the land. He wanted the history of the property to be known and preserved as much as possible. Daniel and Jay were pleased to meet with Lowell. They walk the land, hear his stories and study how Lowell intended for the site to be used and enjoyed.

Lowell sold the property to Royal in May 2021, in a process that took about one month from start to finish. In the three months Royal owned the property, they restored it as Lowell had described: clearing pasture, adding trails, cleaning trash, clearing items and more. The land is now with a new owner who appreciates the land’s history and uses it as Lowell intended.


“We worked with Daniel & Jay at Royal Investment Properties to sell our property near Clinton, Missouri. My health deteriorated to the point it was difficult to go to the property and enjoy it the way I used to and took about one month from start to finish we had the property sold and cash in hand. The team is great to work with!”

Royal Investment Properties buys raw land and then optimizes its value and usability. The company uses its significant experience and expertise to solve property owners’ real estate challenges and make the selling process simple and easy. If you’re considering the sale of your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss with us or you can also complete this form. Contact Daniel Earhart and Jay Thomason at 816-439-8156.

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