How a Real Estate Deal Gets Done

Real Estate Closing Deals

Royal Investment Properties has successfully completed hundreds of deals on real estate , and over time we’ve simplified the process so it’s as easy and stress-free for sellers as possible.

If you’re reading this and feel completely overwhelmed with the idea of selling your property, you are in the right place. You can always call or text so we can walk you through the process.

Here are the main steps involved:

1. Learning and Due Diligence

Royal will visit the property and talk with its owner to learn as much as it can about it. It also will consult local officials to look into rules/restrictions, easements and any other available information

2. Agree on Price

Both sides come to the discussion with a property value they think is appropriate, and sometimes a negotiation takes place. Royal will always give sellers the best, fairest price it can.

3.Submit and Sign Contracts

When a sale price is set, paperwork is drawn up and signed to lock in the key terms of the deal. The executed contract is sent to the title company that will work through the closing, and any agreed-upon earnest money is paid.

4. Title Process Takes Place

A title company conducts a search to make sure there’s clear title to the property, and that everything’s in place for the closing. If any issues or hiccups arise in the process, they work with Royal and the seller to solve them.

5. Get Title Insurance

As part of every transaction it does, Royal purchases title insurance. As part of this process, easements, rule exceptions and other information relating to how the property can be used are discovered and noted so there aren’t any surprises later on.

6. Aggregating Everything

The title company takes the lead on collecting all the paperwork to this point in the deal process, and ensures every party in the deal has what they need for the closing.

7. Execute the Closing

These sessions can be done in person or virtually, as long as a notary can be present. The title company explains and leads the parties through the process. Payment will then be transferred so the seller walks away from the closing with their money in hand. Most often, sellers will need to bring at least one form of identification to the closing.

At the end of the day, we only want every seller we work with to go through a simple process. We take care of all the hassles and back, handle the forth and all they have to do is show up, sign the documents and cash their check. We also want everyone to feel like they got the best deal they possibly could. Whatever we can do, and however we can help, just let us know.

Royal Investment Properties buys raw land and then optimizes its value and usability. We use its significant experience and expertise to solve property owners’ real estate challenges and make the selling process effortless. If you’re considering the sale of your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss with us or you can also complete this form. You can also contact Daniel Earhart and Jay Thomason at 816-439-8156.

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